Month: March 2006


Sakura, originally uploaded by Annelogue. Sakura was officially announced two days before we arrived in Tokyo! I just can’t believe my luck! I’ve been so worried about missing out on the cherry blossoming, but the timing turned out to be perfect! We went straight to a park on Sunday for hanami (cherry blossom watch). A

It’s Getting Real

Kirin Ichiban, originally uploaded by Annelogue. We bought tickets in December, so the trip to Japan has been in process for some time. Therefore, it wasn’t until I brought my suitcase up from the basement yesterday, that the whole thing started to feel a lot more real! Although, I guess I’ll really believe it tomorrow,

Contact Fatigue

I now have unanswered mail from a good 8 weeks in my personal mail inbox. Weekends come and go, without me being able to sit down and get my personal correspondence out of the way. This post is just to say that I have not forgotten any of you and I do care, it’s just

One Ticket Far Far Away, Please

I’ve been surrounded by morons all day. I’m tired. I want to be in a place where people are socially intelligent or at least social…never mind the intelligent bit…right now I don’t feel too fussy. Just any place where people would talk to me in a sincere and nice way. I think Sydney would be

Fridag Night Bliss

Fridag Night Bliss, originally uploaded by Annelogue. I’m in love with my bathtub. It’s not a full fledged bathtub, it’s a sitting bathtub. I was really skeptical towards that concept in the beginning, but it really works! So I fill it up, no skimping on the warm water, drop a Lush bath bomb into it,

A Tuesday Thing

This song is perfect to listen to while biking to work. Somehow, it makes my feet peddle extra hard, because I feel that the landscape needs to go by very quickly when it’s playing in my ears. I whizz by the others on my way. Cold wind stings my cheeks, while I bury my nose

Energy Enabled

I have no idea what happened. I woke up this morning and even before I had my cup of coffee, I felt energetic. Maybe it’s just because it’s getting lighter outside? Or maybe it’s because I feel I have a better grip on things in my life? Or maybe it’s because I’ve consciously been trying