Month: December 2005

Happy Holidays!

Xmas Blue Bird Originally uploaded by Annelogue. This holiday has been great! I travelled from Copenhagen to Oslo on the day before Christmas Eve to spend a couple of days with my family. I’ve pretty much managed to see all of them, which is great. I can’t help but feel that I should see them

All I Want for Christmas…

White Christmas in Pakistan Originally uploaded by Annelogue. I’m in danger of getting some serious whooping on Christmas Eve by my family. I’ve sent all the money I was going to use on Christmas presents to the Red Cross specifically supporting the relief teams work in Pakistan. I’m really curious to see my family’s reaction.


Travel Guide Originally uploaded by Annelogue. I feel dizzy with happiness right now, because we just purchased our tickets for Japan! My friend Camilla and I are going there in March/April next year for a couple of weeks. We’re hoping to catch the cherry blossoming (hanami), which is supposed to be stunning. We’re staying at